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Tips from Brian C Jensen to stay healthy during Covid winters

Keeping the spirit up during winter requires planning and execution. With the Covid-19 health crisis, there has been a worsening situation and increasing limitation on social and leisure activities. The past year has been a tough one. Hence, the hardship which people got exposed to have become an inseparable part of their life. Brian C Jensen says Health experts believe that paying attention to the little ways of self-care is significant in the current situation.

Irrespective of your routine self-care schedule, you have to take care of your mental stress level to stay healthy and happy amid the pandemic. Listening to soft music, doing activities that you enjoy spending time with your friends and family members are some of the most well-established ways. Keep in mind that you have to be creative enough to keep up your mood and energy.

Points suggested by Brian C Jensen for your winter routine

During the winter months, people are more into their homes. However, the spread of the pandemic has compelled individuals to limit their public activities. Amid this situation, having a monotonous routine is normal. You have to take care of your routine to bring the stress level down.

• You have to think about how you can adapt to coping up with darker and cooler months. Developing a flexible attitude will be beneficial for you. Motivate yourself and your family members to go for morning walks and make provisions for small indoor games. Make time for coffee, water, and tea breaks to uplift your mood.

• You have to winterize your workout schedule in addition to your regular schedule. The work from home trend is not something that will go away in a short time. Be honest about your proposal and take breaks in between. When you schedule online workout sessions, it will play with your activity level and mood. Try to bring out time for activities you enjoy.

• In addition to this, you have to take care of your sleep schedule to keep a steady mind says Brian C Jensen. Keep in mind that irregular sleep patterns are linked to hypertension, and increased blood sugar. Hence, you have to make provisions for sound sleep of at least seven to eight hours.

• Staying connected with your friends and family members is another safe way of enjoying the winter season. Consider different modes like telephonic conversation and video calls to develop a robust relationship with extended family members. It will take care of your mental bliss and reduce mental stress.

Get the flu shot as early as possible. Every six months, make provisions forgetting. The flu shot from a medical practitioner or nearby pharmacy. It helps in protecting you from the seasonal flu and also reduces the strain on your health.

Hence, keeping a healthy lifestyle and developing healthy habits will help you cope with the present situation. Have supplements to increase immunity. Try to improve healthy snack habits for coping up with stressful, lonely, and dreary problems. Pay attention to the present situation and try to cultivate healthful triggers.

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