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Some practical ways employers can protect their employees wellbeing during the pandemic – a Brian C Jensen Analysis

Brian C Jensen with the spread of COVID-19 all across the globe, entrepreneurs are worried about wellbeing questions. The pandemic undoubtedly brings with it physical health consequences for the workforce. Along with it, the mental health implications like fear, stress, and uncertainty are also devastating. As an entrepreneur, their job is to improve their workforce’s stamina by making every possible effort. Life has become more stressful across different sectors of the market. Frontline workers are working faster and harder against the background of potential risk.

Apart from physical protection, employers must manage staff stress and exhaustion, which comes with attending work during a pandemic.

Brian C Jensen gives tips to manage both the physical and mental health of the employee

• Apart from physical protection, ensure that the employees know where to find guidance, information, and support for their wellbeing. By maintaining proper channels of communication, the employer may ensure a two-way communication process. According to Brian C Jensen, they have to be open to the queries of employees. Also, they may establish a central or hotline contact point for the employees.

• One thing is of significance, and that is a two-way conversation, which helps build trust. It helps in monitoring mental wellbeing by using regular opportunities for the employees. It will also assist in encouraging support for them. Moreover, they must provide techniques to stay calm, forecast, and present. Hence, along with physical activity, mental relief is also equally vital.

• Since the work environment has undergone tremendous changes, the employer must provide the employees with adequate time to get accustomed to the new normal. By using plausible mechanisms, they may also reduce the risks of being affected by the virus.

• When the employer makes efforts to connect with the employees, it builds an impression of connection and social bond. Also, it encourages the employees to stay connected via remote working methods.

To Galvanize And Mobilize

• Moreover, they may set a short and clear roadmap for the institution’s objective to galvanize and mobilize the employees. Furthermore, by rearticulating their values, it will help the employees to stay grounded.

• The employer has to convey the institution’s values and purposes to all the departments. It will help in maintaining clarity among different individuals regarding the aim of the association.

• Also, opportunities to upskill the employees and cross skill the team’s needs consideration. They must have access to online learning platforms and tools which empower the employees and increases institutional capability. An employer who ensures the engagement of employees stands the chance of attaining success for their firm.

Hence, the employer needs to be available for their staff members. Also, talk to them about their anxieties, answering their questions, and reassuring them about their work. With the work from home system, it has become essential to check how the employees are performing. Asking them direct questions regarding their problems in this new normal may help employers adjust the work environment accordingly.

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