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Overcoming anxiety about entering the post-Covid world by Brian C Jensen

With the administration of COVID vaccines, some people are already excited about getting back to everyday life once again. But there can be a group of people hesitating to step out of their homes after witnessing the physical and mental discomfort caused by the pandemic. They can feel comfortable with home sheltering. The reason for this can be getting back to the loud noises, brighter colors, and more tactile experiences, which remained almost elusive in the lockdown. However, transitioning is critical, no matter what. You have to come out of your cognitive exhaustion to start a new life and relive the normal. Here are some suggestions in this context Brian C Jensen.

Brian C Jensen:  How to acclimatize to the post-pandemic world?

Focus on the positive effects of the pandemic

Everyone knows that COVID has been a stressful situation. It didn’t spare anyone. But you can shift your attention to some of the good things that may have happened in your life. It can be spending time with the whole family over dinner, going on a walk with the partner, working on home aesthetics and functionality, etc. Recount the mini-joys to boost your spirits.

Be aware of the changes in you

During COVID-19, fitness and exercising have become the main focus. Since you were mostly at home, you may have devoted long hours to this activity. While it worked at that time, you have to make yourself understand that it’s time to balance it. You cannot continue to do aggressive exercising, especially when you have an opportunity to step out and breathe in the fresh air. So try to make conscious decisions and start making plans around this to avoid any mental barrier, recommends Brian C Jensen.

Don’t push yourself too much

However, getting back to the regular days after almost one and half years of lockdown or restrained life cannot be an overnight thing. It needs practice. So if you are unable to enjoy the reopening news, don’t feel sad or disappointed. You have to work on your habit, and it can take anywhere from 60 to 90 days to make it a part of your system. Allow yourself some space to resume old traditions or a new routine. The experts also believe that transitioning can be strenuous. But you need to look at it as an opportunity, prioritize your things, and follow them with intent. The new normal will not be so difficult to achieve then.

Sometimes a sense of gratitude does the trick. If you count your losses, there will be no end to sorrows. However, focusing on blessings can make you cheerful and rekindle the joy. Making and adopting a change is critical to keep life going. Still, you don’t have to strain yourself to reach there. You can achieve it even with your calmness. So take small and careful steps every day. In the end, you will thank yourself for this decision. A lot of people are not comfortable with going out, spending time in malls and restaurants. Hence, don’t think that you are alone in this. Others are trying, and so can you.

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