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How To Boost Your Mental Health During the Pandemic Phase? Guidelines By Brian C Jensen

If we have the chance to map the energy of the world right now, we would see that stress and apprehension reign high! And it’s been a reality since 2020. The pandemic outbreak has changed the fabric of our life. We can no more move around freely as we did before. We always have to stay equipped with a sanitizer and mask. That is not all! People always have the lurking fear of getting infected by the virus. This constant fear and apprehension are negatively impacting our minds. Our mental health is at stake, and it is essential to remedy it, Brian C Jensen.

Wellness guidelines by Brian C Jensen

No one can reside in a state of fear and anxiety for long! It can hamper both the body and the mind. Have you been feeling highly tensed in recent times? Do you think you need to attend to your mental wellbeing? If yes, here are few guidelines that can help.

Stop overthinking

Currently, our freedom has been compromised. We can’t go to any place as freely as we did before. Hence, there is more time at hand than before. Not being able to live life like before often makes a person procrastinate. How long will the scenario be like this? Will we get back our earlier freedom back? The mind continuously moves in loops with these questions. And that makes a person overthink, which adds to the stress and tension. Hence, it is necessary to stop procrastinating and overthinking consciously. One of the best ways to do that is by getting engaged in activities all through the day.

Focus on the present moment

Currently, people are either thinking about their future or the past! And both will contribute to dissatisfaction and sadness. Our life has indeed changed, and none of us know how long this change will last. Hence, it’s best to focus on the present moment. That way, you can free yourself of excess thought, which leads to stress. It might take some time to focus on the present moment, but you can do it effectively with practice.

Reduce the news time

Are you constantly plugged into the news updates? If yes, then you will be breathing in more fear and apprehension than required. The news updates will always share more about the infection and death rates. It might add more fear into your mind than needed. Hence, it’s a smart call to reduce your news time and switch it by watching pleasant and light-hearted shows and films.

Spend time with your dear ones

One of the positives of stay-at-home orders is that you get to spend more time with your loved ones. So, could you make the most of it? Plan indoor activities or just share a hearty conversation. It will help you to feel loved and taken care of. You can have your weekly conversation time according to your schedule.

The pandemic outbreak has negatively impacted our mental health says, Brian C Jensen. It’s essential to feel good and move on with life. If you want to do so, the guidelines mentioned above will be helpful for you.

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