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How Does Yoga Help to Boost Mental Health During the Pandemic? Insights By Brian C Jensen

Did you know that Yoga provides a world of advantages? It is one of the famous physical activities all around the globe. That’s not all! Yoga can also result in spiritual enlightenment for drug addicts and alcoholics. Most people have witnessed Yoga and its therapeutic and healing benefits. Whether it’s a minor physical discomfort or a stressful situation, the practice of Yoga has always come to the rescue Brian C Jensen.

Today, more than ever, people need to practice Yoga. It’s because the pandemic outbreak has plagued the world with stress and fear. It has negatively impacted people’s minds and has made them more tensed than ever. The “new normal” way of life is necessary, but it has led to sad and depressing thoughts in people. It is essential to address all these through Yoga for better mental health.

Valuable insights by Brian C Jensen

Practicing Yoga unites the mind and the body! It also works on our breath. There are various ways in which Yoga can result in mental well-being during the pandemic.

Yoga can bring down stress

Yoga is effective in keeping stress in control. Yoga brings down the secretion of the stress hormone named cortisol. And that can induce more relaxation. It is also helpful in boosting life quality and mental health.

Yoga can relieve anxiety

People who suffer from anxiety often practice Yoga. It is effective for people who are undergoing PTSD. Yoga can help both men and women to overcome their fear of any disturbing event. Through Yoga, you learn to focus on the “now.” It allows you to find a sense of inner peace and calm.

Yoga enhances the quality of life

Most people currently want to enhance their life quality! Most holistic experts suggest they practice Yoga. And the daily practice of Yoga leads to a reduction in fatigue and better mood. Yoga also helps with the acceptance level and enables people to cope up with their present situation. Hence, it can help people who are witnessing pandemic stress.

Yoga helps to combat depression

Most people accept that Yoga can result in an anti-depressant effect and help a person bring down the signs of depression. It also induces a feel-good factor and helps to release happy hormones. There are specific yogic postures that help in better mental health. Yoga can bring down the ACTH level, which is accountable for cortisol release. That allows a person to have a better mood.

Yoga helps to bring down chronic pain

Today, a considerable part of the global population suffers from chronic pain because of internal injuries and diseases like arthritis. Also, during the lockdown, people have become more sedentary than ever, which leads to body pain. As per Brian C Jensen, yoga can help to bring down physical pain and other discomforts. That aside, it can also enhance grip strength and wrist splinting.

Adding Yoga to your daily routine during the pandemic is beneficial! It can help to enhance one’s mood and also keep tension and apprehension at bay.

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