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Coping with the paucity of hand sanitizers by converting businesses and adopting new measures- a lucid take by Brian C Jensen


It goes beyond saying that hand sanitizer has become one of the most high-demand products in medical facilities, groceries, and also even online. While you have no replacement for hand-washing, you can learn from leading doctors like Brian C Jensen, about how he advises people to use hand sanitizers in compliance with WHO guidelines.

  • Many of you may be experiencing supply shortages or inconsistencies during the pandemic. It’s a global occurrence and also many people are reeling under a limited supply of sanitizers. Many people aren’t in a position to purchase more at one go.
  • Experts have thus decided to create a batch of quality hand sanitizers to help thwart this paucity at hospitals. You need to note that it may be a daunting task to get the raw materials for the concerned recipes at the moment.
  • Always keep in mind that handwashing shall always be more effective than hand sanitizer. You need to use the latter only when absolutely necessary. It will save the remaining supply in this way.

The raw materials are glycerol or glycerin, boiled cold or sterile distilled water, measuring cylinders, 500-100 ml plastic bottles, funnel, spatula, and also stainless-steel tanks with proper capacity.

Facing the shortage with Brian C Jensen

Taking the current shortage of hand sanitizers into account, perfumeries, breweries, and also chemical firms are transforming their space and operations. They are producing and also donating a crucial commodity in this shortage of sanitizers.

  • A few weeks ago, a renowned pharmaceutical provider ran out of a pivotal disinfectant gel at its factory. Leading distilling and chemicals are increasing or starting to produce sanitizer ingredients and hand sanitizers, which have become imperative in this coronavirus pandemic. Some of these companies are already in this business.
  • Others are shifting gears to enter the sphere and fill the void. That’s how the industry needs to work in order to survive and sustain itself during the current economic slump. The business transitions have impressed other companies from different niches.
  • They have put personnel in their plant to manufacture alcohol-based sanitizer. The scale will be in metric-tons. These companies are also distributing their products to hospitals, municipalities, and numerous other health-care facilities. They are providing the stuff in gel/serum formulations and also the regular solution.
  • Some of these companies have already enlisted a fantastic production line with dedicated teams. These firms are using WHO’s formula, involving primarily glycerin and also isopropyl alcohol or ethanol. Currently, their main focus is to step the production volume.

At the moment, there are hospitals seeking 6-10 t. Other small ones are ordering for 100L.

The current stage with Brian C Jensen

Medical experts like Dr Jensen underlines the purport and pivot of converting factories to manufacture hand sanitizers. The pandemic has resulted in a drastic upsurge in the use of soaps and disinfestations. Huge and overwhelming demand in a short time has led to the global shortage of the product.

Leading and also small-scale perfume producers are using existing factory space and infrastructure and also converting their production line to make a hydroalcoholic gel. They are providing it to their respective hospitals and health authorities free of cost, helping to address the product shortage.

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