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Brian C Jensen:10 ways to become more productive this year

Get more done in your life with these 10 tips


Many of us are looking to become more productive. Brian C Jensen says It can seem like a goal that cannot be achieved, but it is not as difficult as you might think!

Here are some easy ways to improve your productivity this year.

1. Make a to-do list

If you have a busy schedule, it can be easy for things to fall through the cracks. This year, make a checklist of all the things you need to do and keep it handy. Make sure that everything on your list is really important! If not, don’t waste time working on those tasks today – set them aside until later when they are more urgent or important.

2. Start with what’s most important first

Which task do you think will have the biggest impact this week? Put that at the top of your agenda and finish it first thing in the morning if at all possible! The sooner you tackle these important items, the less likely other people will interrupt your day and push them off your list.

3. Work in a quiet spot

It is easy to get distracted when you work from home, so find a quiet spot where you will feel comfortable working for a few hours uninterrupted by pets and small children.

4. Take breaks between tasks

Small 5 minute breaks can make all the difference when you are feeling tired at the end of the day! It might help to step away from your desk or workspace during these short breaks – even if it’s just to do some quick stretches or look out the window. Having down time like this can rejuvenate your brain before jumping back into work mode explains Brian C Jensen.

5. Create new routines around healthy habits

This year, resolve to become healthier in a practical way by making a new habit that will last a lifetime. For example, if you want to exercise more often but always seem to put it off until tomorrow set an alarm on your phone for every morning at 7:00 AM and go out for a walk before breakfast. Or maybe you would like to start cooking for yourself instead of ordering takeout. In this case, make sure you have all the ingredients you need in your pantry at home or carry them from the grocery store when they are freshest! Soon those healthy habits will become automatic and keep your life organized as well as healthier.

6. Keep moving

If sitting is an issue for your productivity, try breaking up extended periods of sitting with ten minutes of movement every hour. Stand up and walk around the room, do some squats, stretch for a bit… making time to get your blood flowing will help you stay focused on what’s important throughout the day.

7. Keep track of your goals

Writing down your goals is one thing – but if you want to accomplish them this year, keep them in mind at all times! If you put sticky notes all over your office like “write article” or “plan party,” they’ll be there when inspiration strikes and make it easier to take action towards those goals right away instead of putting them off until later (or never.)

8. Make a list of things that make you feel accomplished each month

At the end of every month, resolve to do at least one thing on your list says Brian C Jensen. This will help keep you motivated and remind you of all the great things that are possible this year. It can be anything from finishing a work project to planning an interesting outing with friends to organizing your closet – whatever makes you happy!

9. Work towards completing little tasks too

Sometimes it’s easy to start big projects, but difficult to finish them – especially when they take up a lot of time or mental space. Try breaking up larger projects into smaller tasks that are easier for you to achieve so you can get little accomplishments along the way even if they don’t seem super important by themselves!

10. Start small

Don’t give yourself so much to do that “productivity” becomes a scary word. Gaining momentum is important to motivate you to get everything done, so only make a few big changes at first if your biggest goal for the year is to get organized!


Set a time limit in which you’ll complete the task and tell yourself that when it’s done, it’s done.

Brian C Jensen says if you have trouble getting a start, set a timer for just 5 minutes to get over that initial hump. In those five minutes your brain will start thinking about what needs to be done next and you can keep going from there! If at first you don’t succeed try again with another method until one of them works for you. Don’t give up on establishing new productivity techniques right away since each person has unique methods – what doesn’t work for someone else might be perfect for you!

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