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Brian C Jensen throws light upon resources for dealing with Coronavirus anxiety

Brian C Jensen with the spread of the pandemic, experts recommend self-quarantine and also social distancing. For preventing the spread of the disease. It has resulted in the isolation of many. All that has primarily to do with the physical aspect, which has severe effects on an individual’s mental health.

Moreover, the breaking news headlines also create an impact on the mental frame of an individual. With so much all around, it is imperative to pay attention to mental health by reducing stress. Too much pressure may hurt your immunity and overall well-being.

Brian C Jensen illustrates that it is okay to feel anxious:

According to Brian C Jensen, it is alright if you feel anxious because of Coronavirus. In this scenario, never try to judge yourself for feeling depressed, and also more so, never try to ignore your stress. Try to acknowledge the feeling and workout in different ways for coping with it healthily.

Virtual tour of the museum: making provisions for virtual tours to museums from your house’s safety and also comfort. May help you ease mental stress. Many galleries and museums worldwide have partnered with a digital platform for displaying their collection online. Try to explore all the options by visiting their websites and thereby get engaged in an activity.

Virtual hike of a national park: Due to the advent of technology. And an increase in the use of the Internet. A virtual visit to places you have never been can become possible now. In this regard, the world of national parks by way of the interactive documentary gets exposed to millions. By using the digital platform. You may learn fun facts from the park’s tour guides, drive through a shipwreck of the national parks. Fly over an active volcano and also many more.

Have a look at wild animals: amid a pandemic when human beings are stressing with the breaking news. Have you ever thought about wildlife? They are only continuing to live the way they did, and also you may witness. Them in real-time by making use of live shows. Whether the dolphin is swimming in the sea, the eagle still nesting or puppies playing, something is reassuring about them.

Mental Stress And Anxiety

Just do not do anything: although doing nothing may look like a wild imagination. It might be an effective way of dealing with mental stress and anxiety. Stop doing anything for at least two minutes to calm your mind. Try to listen to the sound of waves, the chirping of birds, and also dried leaves. Falling on the ground to calm your nerves. It plays a significant role in reducing stress.

Give a massage to yourself: try to learn how to give yourself a massage, which may distress you. You may take the help of digital applications for learning massage for yourself and also practice them regularly. It will help you to build the skill which you may use to relieve your depression.

The global pandemic has resulted in a surge of depression and also mental illness. With the resources mentioned above, you may try to get back your mental health on track.

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