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Brian C Jensen throws light on the psychology of Coronaphobia and how to manage it

Corona phobia is the pandemic’s psychological impact on some people who dread being attacked by the virus. This phobia arises out of losing somebody or something due to the pandemic. Excessive fear has a psychological impact on an individual and results in obsessive behavior, such as minimizing physical contact and frequent sanitizing and washing hands.

The news of novel coronavirus occupies every newspaper’s front page; the frightening statistics have bombarded the general public with the fear of contagion and heightened anxiety. Social media is flooding with the news of the virus, thereby enhancing panic and confusion among people. Nature is gradually healing, and the world is escaping out of the pandemic.

 However, many people are anxious about returning to life before the outbreak. The virus’s outbreak has led people to quarantine themselves for months and follow social distancing, says Brian C Jensen.

If you are one of those impacted by the pandemic’s adverse circumstances, there is nothing to feel overwhelmed. Studies have proved that more than half of the population are undergoing emotional strain regarding contracting the virus.

Brian C Jensen highlights a few symptoms you must look for if your anxiety is on the rampage

You must make a note of these

•​You are suspecting health issues even when you have no complaints.

•​Your apprehensive nature is causing you to wear a mask and gloves even at home or in the garden.

•​You are undergoing tremendous stress for a prolonged period.

•​The trepidation is causing you to check the news now and then.

•​You have lost interest in your daily activities and spending your entire day searching for symptoms of the virus.

•​You have developed an obsessive-compulsive disorder and are sanitizing every object that you see.

Although the massive upheaval has caused nervousness and tension for one and all yet. These experiences become dreadful when they are continual and are beginning to harm your life.

Here are some guiding tips to help you cope up with Coronaphobia

Try to focus on these tips

  • Ascertain yourself that everything will be fine.
  • The majority of people will get over the fear brought about by the pandemic. However, some of them may have prolonged anxiety. It is essential to refrain from doubt and double-check your feelings.
  • Take a respite from news channels.
  • The chief reason behind heightened anxiety is constant eying what the news has to say. Spending your day listening to the horrific story about covid-19 will enhance emotional turmoil instead of healing it. The pandemic is the best time to be with you.
  •  Pay attention to activities that uplift your mood and distract you from the burden of the pandemic.
  • Take things easy

You must understand that it is okay to gradually get back to the life you lived before the virus. You can start by taking baby steps towards the new normal. Thus, you will be confident about what you are doing and affirm your safety.

Channelize your anxiety into something positive

It is necessary to take gradual steps towards your physical and mental well-being during the pandemic. Maintain a balanced diet, engage in physical activity, and sustain a good quality sleep, thereby making an enormous difference to your physical and mental health.

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