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Brian C Jensen Talks About the Business Benefits of Brand Awareness Programs

Simply put, a brand acts as the meaning behind your organization’s name, slogans, and logo. If you have a unique and memorable brand, it helps you in your brand awareness. Brian C Jensen, it allows you to generate a long-term position in the market. So, brand awareness is a mark that denotes how famous your brand is amongst the target audience.

Also, branding can create an image for your organization’s products in consumer’s minds. As a result, it can attribute specific characteristics to goods which is attractive for the target audience.

Brian C Jensen shares advantages of brand awareness

If a brand gets known in the market, it can create positive sentiment and has recognition. It can enhance the organization’s position amongst other market players. According to Brian C Jensen, some of the business benefits of brand awareness campaigns are:

1. High recall value

The best level of your brand awareness is where you have a high recall. The customers think of your brand when they need to buy the products you offer. You can create top-of-mind brand awareness by consistent delivery of exemplary service or product and repeated exposure. The most significant benefit is that your brand is what they can think of when consumers think about the concerned product category.

2. Meaningful executive metric

The marketing executives are constantly searching for metrics to report to stakeholders and shareholders as proof of the organization’s success. Maximized brand awareness can alert the outcome of initiatives to venture into a new market and offer tangible evidence of an organization’s scope for growth. Thus, it can be an essential argument for why it is necessary to evaluate brand awareness and keep track of it over time.

3. Maximized customer loyalty

When a customer sees your brand in the market and identifies it, it generates a sense of security that they have opted in for an established organization. If a company that you haven’t heard of suddenly calls you, it might not generate the same sense of security in you.

Getting new customers is a challenging process! Also, it is equally difficult to retain clients and bring customers back for long-term business sustainability. Hence, brand loyalty can result in a certain amount of security for businesses. Here brand awareness campaigns play a crucial role in repeating client activity. When a client has opted in for your service or product, you must make use of newsletters, promotional material and various satisfaction surveys to keep in touch. It will help them to remember your brand better and become a loyal customer.

4. Improves product identification

Brands offer various sensory stimuli to improve client recognition. For instance, you can identify a brand through its shape, package, and logo. In addition, it might have a distinct ad sound that helps you to identify the brand amidst others. Thus, correct brand awareness helps in successful product recognition.

5. Helps to introduce new products

Organizations that create a successful brand awareness always find it easy to introduce a new product from the same brand.

Hence, it is essential to ensure that your brand has a high recall value among your target audience. If not, you can plan the best brand awareness campaign today.

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