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Brian C Jensen Shares Wellness Guidelines for the COVID-19 Crisis Period

We are living in challenging times! The pandemic outbreak has made life challenging and difficult in every way one can imagine. The subsequent lockdowns and prolonged stay-at-home orders have made people feel isolated and cut out from their life course. And since it has been happening for more than a year now, people have started to feel agitated about it. Brian C Jensen however, it is essential to stay at home to stay safe. But it is also necessary to find ways to stay well while you stay at home during this time.

The easy wellness guidelines by Brian C Jensen

Living a good life isn’t challenging. It is a set of good practices to which you need to commit gradually. And during the pandemic phase, it is essential to count on wellness guidelines. If you have been looking for some, take a look at the following:

1. Bring your stress down

Everyone around the globe is scared and nervous! It’s because of the virus that has already created damage for over one year. From increasing death rates to an economic downswing, the year 2020 was a challenging walk. Currently, the situation is slightly better, but still, there are significant challenges to overcome. Hence, it’s natural for people to get stressed and anxious. Here, it is necessary to get conscious of our thoughts and stop thinking about fearful thoughts. Instead of thinking that the pandemic would never end, it is beneficial to believe that the world is on its way to recovery and the virus will flatten its curve soon. It will help you to become hopeful about life and bring down your worry and anxiety.

2. Meditation is beneficial

Our mind is constantly thinking about something! It takes a clue from our surroundings and tune-in to the frequency at which we are thinking. Hence, your mind will continuously plug in tensed and negative thoughts and ideas if you are thinking negative thoughts. Therefore, it is necessary to break the loop. It is here that meditation can help. Meditation can help calm the mind and allow it gradually to choose thoughts that heal and provide comfort instead of discomfort. It helps take you out of the “flight or fight” mode and helps you respond positively to situations around you. It is also suitable for your blood pressure and breathing pattern.

3. Cultivating a hobby

If you are working and watching the daily news as a means of recreation, it’s natural for you to feel tensed and agitated. Instead, it’s a smart call to cultivate a hobby and channel your creative energy. It will help you to live more positively and free from your worries and anxiety. You can choose anything from glass painting, poetry, acting, singing, cooking to creating paper art. Devote some time every day to your leisure activity, and you can bring about a difference in your life. It will help you to get engaged productively and allow your brain to release happy hormones instead of stress hormones.

The pandemic phase is not a happy one for anyone. Yet, it is necessary to take care of one’s life and wellness. You can use the suggestions above as offered by Brian C Jensen to stay well during this time.

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