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Brian C Jensen provides avenues for coping with Covid-19 and increasing heat

Most individuals welcome the summer season. However, the high temperature may be harmful to your health. The heat affects every system and increases the risk of serious illnesses. Individuals who are at a higher risk from heat and Covid-19 must spend more time indoors. Other individuals have to spend their time at home because of quarantine and self-isolation. It is significant to contemplate the necessary actions you have to take to keep others and yourself safe from the scorching sun during a pandemic situation. According to Brian C Jensen, you must have a comprehensive understanding of keeping the house cool and ensuring your safety in the hot weather. You have to recognize when you or your family members’ health may be affected and what you must do in that situation.

Brian C Jensen illustrates areas for ensuring your safety during the pandemic

To reduce the transmission of Covid-19, people have to stay at home. The work from home trend has started taking grounds. Anybody with symptoms of coronavirus has to stay at home for a minimum of fourteen days. You have to maintain social distance and quarantine.

• When you prepare for the warmer season, make a simple checklist if you feel that your house is at the risk of overheating. Find out the different avenues for solving the problem.

• Open the windows when the air is cool outside. Enable the flow of air inside the house so that you do not suffocate. Try to limit your use of the fan if your family member has developed symptoms of coronavirus.

• Check the appliances of the house like freezers and fridges if they are working suitably. Take good care of every piece of equipment so that you do not have to seek outside help. Hence, you will not get exposed to the external situation.

• If you are furnishing care to your family members, you have to keep in touch with your medical practitioner over the phone or video technology. Providing direct maintenance is a risky job. However, if you follow the guidelines, it will reduce your risk of getting the deadly pathogen.

Cover your mouth with a tissue when you sneeze or cough. Wash your hands with water and soap the moment you enter the house. In the absence of water and soap, you can use alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Do not visit your relatives if they are unwell, and try to make alternate arrangements for their care.

By taking simple steps, you can reduce the rate of coronavirus. Getting medical help if you endure a chronic medical condition will be beneficial. Ensure that there is a constant supply of traditional medicine at your home. Hence, making provisions for the hot weather and coronavirus is not that difficult. All you need is consistency in your approach and determination.

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