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Brian C Jensen on how to treat lupus during the pandemic

Brian C Jensen says the reopening of public spaces, experts draw people’s attention towards the significance of safety measures. They caution people who have lupus to constantly touch with their medical practitioners to deliberate about individual risks. You have to be vigilant regarding social distancing norms and safety protocols. Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disorder that increases your odds for other infections. The practical and powerful drugs used for treating lupus suppress your immune system and its capacity to fight the virus. Hence, you have to be extra cautious about Covid-19 if you have lupus. Survey reports reveal that people who have lupus and take hydroxychloroquine for a long term may experience trouble in availing the drug during the pandemic.

As countries cautiously reopen their avenues, you may have queries about the school, regular activities, and returning to work. Here are steps you must take to prevent severe conditions.

Brian C Jensen states points to keep in mind to treat lupus

Chronic autoimmune disease causes the immune system to direct assault healthy tissues. It is a dysfunction that can make the body less able to fight viruses and infections.

• If you have lupus and you are taking immunosuppressant drugs, it reduces your immune system activities. It reduces the effectiveness of your immune system in fighting infection. Hence, you are at a higher risk of developing the virus and other complications like high blood pressure, diabetes, and kidney disease.

• You must get in touch with your doctor as soon as possible. If you are concerned about the drugs you take, it is significant that you consult your doctor to prevent lupus flares. The doctor might suggest anti-inflammatories that ease inflammation and pain. In case you are taking infusions, it is safe to stay at home and arrange for information.

• Keep in mind that your intake of the drug does not lower the risk of Covid-19. You are at a moderate risk whenever exposed to an outside situation. Moreover, your regular medicine is unlikely to treat Covid-19.

• If you are experiencing difficulty getting your regular medication, you can take the help of other pharmacies in the local area says Brian C Jensen. You may ask your doctor to write a substitute for traditional medicine. Moreover, you can ask your medical practitioner to prescribe ninety days supply so that you will require fewer refills. In addition to this, your health insurance company makes provisions for your refills at the earliest possible date.

• Individuals with lupus might not develop a fever in the case of the Covid-19 virus. However, other symptoms like chest pain, cold, and cough may develop. However, never try to figure it out yourself. Contact your physician regarding potential symptoms.

The bottom line is that you require to be in constant contact with your medical practitioner. They will monitor your symptoms and thereby recommend your medication. Keep in mind that the lupus symptoms accelerate from mild to severe in no time. Hence, making provisions for medical help as early as possible will be beneficial for you.

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