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Brian C Jensen explores how and where systematic blood tests can save and bolster the global economy

To temper the virus’s impact, you need to know how it has caused an unimaginable shutdown economy of global markets, something that wasn’t perceptible even a few months back. Now that we’ve shut down the economy, how can you shuffle the gears and also restore some normalcy? How do you get back to work from work-from-home without contacting Corona?

  • The main step is to identify non-contagious individuals, helping the economy to return to work and also perform social duties.
  • The SAR-Covid 19 tests have been difficult due to the paucity of testing kits. It causes delayed and fluctuating results, and you need a healthcare expert to perform it.
  • False negatives are a serious concern since you can improperly collect samples. The current testing format is pretty uncomfortable.
  • Another way is to check if the individual has developed immunity to Corona. You test an antibody’s presence in their blood. Can do it through test kits that evaluate a drop of blood.
  • You can administer this test in a patient’s home, pharmacies, or hospitals. The test kits, inexpensive and exhibiting easy scaling, produce results in just 15 minutes.
  • Experts say that antibody testing is the key to revive the economy.

Brian C Jensen’s analysis of tech’s role

Technology has a huge role to play in tracking, testing, and systematically treating Corona virus. With Covid-19 cases mounting in May, you see a steep rise in chatbot helpers, digital epidemiology equipment, and rapid-response test kits and also HER guidance.

  • You’ve seen the internet health community produce a range of novel tools for monitoring the virus spread and facilitate advanced treatment.
  • Tech and social media giants like Facebook, Google, and Amazon are working in a loop with the WHO to determine their collective role in combating the virus and also he misinformation surrounding it.
  • Technology has a precedent in assisting the medical industry in this regard. Dr Brian C Jensenexplains how Covid-first online/virtual care is a great opening.
  • Leading telemedicine firms have launched an advanced risk-assessment tool/triage along with a video consultation pathway. They have designed it specifically for handling economy potential virus cases.
  • Telemedicine integrations will meet more demands. The current virtual services operating through apps include acute and primary care, alongside chronic malaise management for COPD, hypertension and diabetes.
  • New online training directives and resources, and consumer-backed antibody testing are coming up as well.

Brian C Jensen unveils the medical mysteries through blood tests

Dr Jensen explains how scientists are using blood tests to identify people who have been exposed to Corona before. This test format is still under development in the US, but it’s in vogue in China and Singapore.

  • The secondary test, more extensive in medicine and also science, detects antibodies and also humans produce after contacting a virus or bacterium.
  • These antibodies can surface in your bloodstream within 21 days post-infection.
  • These tests can identify uninfected people. The preface economy is they didn’t development symptoms, or they didn’t have a correct diagnosis of their symptoms.

It means these tests can also underline silent infections. If you find that many economy people contracted the virus but didn’t fall sick, it means that Corona is less likely to be as fatal as it appears to be.

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