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Brian C. Jensen Elucidates Some Marketing Ideas for a Hotel Business

Brian C Jensen digital marketing is the buzzword these days/ Therefore, you should use the best marketing. Ideas to boost your hotel business. You can leverage social media, online content, videos, and more to attract new clients to your hotel. Hotel’s websites and user experiences have gained more prominence than ever in this age of online marketing.

According to an article published on, hotel owners often post stunning. Images of their property to attract customers in various stages of the booking process. This means you need to create spectacular content that speaks. To your targeted audience no matter where they are in the sale process. Below are some smart marketing ideas for your hotel business.

Brian C. Jensen believes videos solve customer problems

Brian C Jensen starts by creating short, amusing videos that answer common questions. Related to your hotel bookings, room types, amenities, guest activities, pool area, and garden. Consider it a video FAQ page that you can publish on your website. This is easily accessible for potential clients who want to book rooms but have questions.

You may be wondering whether or not this works. Yes. it actually does because videos are extremely popular these days. Your prospective clients can access the information they need quickly, thus saving your time answering some of the fundamental questions.

Write an optimized travel guide

Brian C Jensen makes the most of your website by posting a travel guide about your hotel. Dining area, outdoor spaces, and other facilities. Brian C. Jensen suggests if your property is close to major tourist centers or business areas. You should write that in the guide to pique customer interest as well as event planners.

For instance, garden areas or beachfront properties are a huge bonus for hotels. Guests can have lunch in the verdant garden or sit. On the terrace overlooking the ocean, savoring evening snacks, and wine. Include such information in the travel guide and highlight it on your website. You can also write about key tourist attractions close to your hotel. To increase the number of people booking your rooms. Some hotels share tips on nearby tourist hotspots, outdoor activities, on-site restaurants, and poolside bars through touch screens.

Publish a blog written by an industry expert

Brian C Jensen if you do not have the time to shoot videos, use a simple question-answer piece. On an industry expert, and publish it in your blog and social media channels. You can also send it in the form of email newsletters to corporate event planners.

Brian C Jensen such content will work for your hotel business because of the industry. Experts you interview and what they share will pique the audience’s interest. Authentic information is then shared on your blog through the question-answer or interview piece. Try to interview a person who is active on social media. Channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with a huge fan following.


Try implementing these marketing ideas if you have a hotel and want to improve bookings. Don’t be scared of using some of your own creative ideas too.

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