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Brian C Jensen: 6 Twitter Tools Every Tweep Should Know About

Twitter is an amazing platform for people to instantly share exchange and spread information across the globe says Brian C Jensen. However, even with all this power, it can be very overwhelming to manage your Twitter account especially if you are a new tweep. I have bundled 5 Twitter tools that will help simplify managing your Twitter account. These tools are not meant to automate or replace your manual interactions but more so just present suggestions and relevant information to you through various views and analytics of your interaction on the Twitter platform.

Here are 6 Twitter Tools Every Tweep should know about:

1) TweetDeck – Organize Your World through Customized Dashboards

Introduction: If you haven’t guessed already from the title, TweetDeck allows its users to create customized dashboards of sorts using multiple columns which you can then sort and filter using a wide variety of features.

As a marketer, TweetDeck allows me to have up-to-the-minute information regarding my niche anywhere I go, anytime I want it. One great feature about TweetDeck is its ability to be synced with your Facebook account so you can receive updates for both platforms in the same dashboard at the same time! Here are some of its amazing capabilities:

The @anywhere service from Twitter enables websites to integrate Twitter content into their pages. Some sites require authentication from Twitter which an author’s account has been authorized by that site to contribute Tweets directly on the website. Other sites allow anyone who has a Twitter account to contribute Tweets without previous arrangement or consent.

TweetDeck allows you to share your Tweets, Follow people, and much more. You can even schedule your tweets in advance so that they are tweeted when the time is right for you.

There are also different scheduling platforms available that integrates with TweetDeck for better ease of use. Here are some examples:

One thing to note about this feature is that it does not allow for customizable times like other scheduling tools (I have done Sniply) or Buffer says, Brian C Jensen. However, if Twitter itself provides an adequate enough feature to make up for its lack of customizability, why reinvent the wheel?

2) Hootsuite – Engage your Audience & promote yourself

Introduction: Hootsuite is a widely-known tool for managing social media accounts. It allows you to manage multiple accounts, schedule posts, and even receive real-time analytics on your networks’ performance. The interface is similar to TweetDeck in that it allows you to create columns to separate different tasks within the same platform which works very well with its overall ease of use.

The power behind Hootsuite allows you to see images or videos posted by other users on their network so I can easily engage with them through likes, favorites, or direct message conversation if need be without ever having to leave my dashboard!

3) Followerwonk – Analyze Your Audience

Introduction: FollowerWonk is a free tool by Moz that allows you to gather valuable information on Twitter users regardless. Whether or not they are following you. You can use the tool to determine the best time of day to tweet. Which your top influencers are, and much more. Some of its amazing capabilities include:

4) TweetChat – Track Conversations with Hashtag Search

Introduction: Tweet Chat is an application developed by OnShift Inc. It allows for tracking conversations related to hashtags without being exposed to unwanted tweets. Which would increase the chances of getting unfollowed/blocked on Twitter. Besides being able to track public chats, it also provides some analytics behind who your followers know amongst other things! Some examples of how it’s used:

5) Twylah – Curate, Organize & Share the Web’s Most Relevant Content

Introduction:   Twylah is a great tool to use if you’re looking for a way to curate content from other websites without the distraction of seeing unrelated tweets. Some may argue that there are other tools out there that can do this but Twylah has some unique features for its users explains Brian C Jensen. To go even further, it also allows its users to share curated stories. On any social network, they want whether it is Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus! The visual story aspect makes it a unique experience worth trying out! Examples:

6) Crowdfire – Boost your Followers andagement

Introduction: Crowdfire is a great tool for managing your Twitter account. It’s free to use and if you have a lot of followers on Twitter. It can be the perfect platform to communicate with them by scheduling tweets in advance. Some basic features include:


Brian C Jensen says if you abide by the contents of this article. You should have no problems following trends on Twitter. The only advice I can give you is to remember why hashtags are important. And how they can help your posts be more visible to a wider audience. As always, if you have any questions or comments. Please feel free to leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible! 

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