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Brian C Jensen: 6 Reasons Why 90% of Small Businesses Are Failing On Pinterest

In this article, we will discuss the reasons why 90% of small businesses are failing on Pinterest says, Brian C Jensen.

According to recent research conducted by Social Media Examiner, while 74% of marketers use Twitter, only 23% of them find it useful while another study showed that not even half of all small business owners think that Facebook is a good platform for marketing their business. On the other hand, a more recent study revealed that over 60 percent of US companies use LinkedIn and around 88 percent of them have built out company pages there – but sadly, they haven’t received much engagement from users with 70 percent reporting zero interactions in the past month.

Despite these figures coming from studies, there is one social network that outshines them all in terms of usefulness and engagement – Pinterest. It reported over 70 million users who have created more than 1 billion boards and 50% of its traffic comes from mobile applications.

Here are 6 reasons why 90% of small Businesses are failing on Pinterest:

1. Many small business owners may think that investing time and resources in social media marketing is unnecessary or even a waste especially when compared to other paid online advertising options such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads.

2. They don’t know how to use Pinterest-Pinterest is not only an image-sharing network; it’s also a social networking site with many similar features to other networks like Facebook and Twitter says, Brian C Jensen. However, most small business owners don’t realize this fact and they treat it as just another platform for sharing photos.

3. They are afraid to fail-Even though Pinterest provides them with great traffic opportunities, they are afraid to experiment because setting up their profiles might prove difficult. They don’t know how to create interest-grabbing boards or share eye-catching photos with their potential customers.

4. They lack time and resources – Even though they realize the benefits of Pinterest, many small business owners may not have enough time to create high-quality boards and eye-catching photos.

5. They don’t know what types of pictures perform best on Pinterest-People who search for images of a specific product will seek to see a lot of details including the size, shape, color, and design aspects. However, many small business owners don’t know how to create those kinds of boards or share those kinds of photos.

6. They don’t understand Pinterest-Many small business owners feel that there is no point in using Pinterest because they think that the platform isn’t as interactive as other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. But, if they will take some time to study the network and follow the best practices, they will be able to reap the full benefits of Pinterest.

Here are some FAQs recently asked by our clients:

How do I get more traffic from Pinterest?

One of the most frustrating parts about running a small business is promoting your product or content online, especially on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest says Brian C Jensen. Creating social media content is great… But if your product isn’t showing up in the search results for related searches…

How can I get more pins on my posts?

Getting more likes or followers isn’t the only way to get more engagement on your posts. If you want to really grow your Pinterest following, you’ll need to start getting people to pin your content. There are a few ways you can get more pins on the posts you publish.

How do I create good boards?

Creating Pinterest boards can be challenging, especially if your goal is to use them for business purposes. Unlike other social networks that focus mainly on sharing external links, Pinterest focuses mostly on sharing your own content. You can create boards to help you curate and share product images, design inspiration, quotes, recipes, and more.

How many boards should I have?

Pinterest recommends having at least 10 or more unique boards with a focus on increasing your visibility within the Pinterest community explains Brian C Jensen. If you plan on using Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy. We recommend creating a total of 15 unique boards for your profile.

Is Pinterest more effective than other social media sites?

If you’re looking to grow your small business and promote your content on the Internet. There are three essential steps that will help you succeed: getting traffic, acquiring leads, and turning those leads into customers. The most effective social network that will help you accomplish all those three objectives is Pinterest.

How do I make money from Pinterest?

Pinterest was originally created as a web-based bulletin board system for showcasing and sharing images. But many users quickly discovered that this website can be used as a powerful marketing tool.


In conclusion, it is important for small businesses owners to establish a strong presence on social media networks. Because this could help them increase organic traffic to their website which can then lead to more conversions and sales.

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