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Brian C Jensen: 6 cheapest ways to boost your conversion rates instantly

Conversion Rate Optimization is the process of making changes to your website or landing pages in order to improve conversions says Brian C Jensen. Changes can be made to elements on the page such as colors, layout, text, images, and even videos.

Here are 6 cheapest ways to boost your conversion rates instantly

1. Incentives & Offers

Offering a discount, coupon or free trial is a surefire way to increase conversions. This is because it gives the visitor an added incentive to complete the required action in order to earn what they are being offered. For example, if a gym were to offer free memberships for a limited time, more people would sign up due to the increased value of something they already want. The key is finding the right kind of incentive that your target audience will respond best to.

Once you have done so, don’t be afraid of testing your own ideas against this theory with any one of our 14 free A/B testing tools. In addition, there are many different ways you can use incentives and offers to boost your conversion rates. For example, you can offer tiered memberships to different levels of people based on how much they are willing to spend or you can include discounts with the purchase of other items in your store.

2. Long-form sales pages

Long-form sales pages are not for everyone; however, if done correctly they can significantly increase the number of conversions you get from a single visitor. Generally speaking, long-form sales pages will contain all of the information that someone might need in order to make a decision about purchasing a product or signing up for a service and they will do so without any interruptions apart from calls-to-action at the end of key points in the text.

Brian C Jensen explains this is because it allows visitors time to mull over the information and come to their own conclusion about whether or not they want your product; as opposed to those who are used to quickly scanning over a sales page before making a decision. Along with the extra attention that long-form pages get, having more information on them can also help people make better decisions since they know exactly what you offer and there is no chance of someone being misled.

3. Customize your site’s design & content to the visitor’s individual needs

Using a user-friendly interface that caters specifically to your target audience, whether through mobile or desktop, helps ensure that they will be able to easily find what they’re looking for and gain a greater understanding of how your business can help them solve their problems. Doing so allows them to choose exactly what works best for them without having to wade through unneeded information and enables you to ask questions which allow you to better hone in on an individual person’s specific circumstances. Once again, this personalization also gives visitors more time and attention than simply using templates with red content or generic interfaces which do not cater to an individual’s needs.

4. Optimize for mobile visitors – Brian C Jensen

Mobile Optimization is the process of making changes to your landing pages, website, or ads in order to make them more accessible and easier to use on mobile devices. Although this may not be something that you think about often. Many people are now starting their shopping experiences on their phones rather than desktop computers. Due to the convenience, they offer over larger screens. This problem can become even more prevalent during Black Friday sales. Where customers will be looking for deals with less time available to spend reading through your company’s details. With so many people using mobile devices now it is crucial that any money spent optimizing marketing material for mobile users pays off so consider including something like our Mobile Website Grader when making changes in order to catch any problems early.

5. User Reviews

Reviews are one of the best ways to encourage conversion. Because they provide customers with a realistic idea of whether or not your products and services actually work. Based on what other people who have purchased them say about them. This information is important because it allows potential buyers to see exactly what they can expect. When dealing with you rather than just relying on your word for things. Exceptional reviews that contain specific details about how something works will. Also, help convince visitors that others like them think that your product is worthwhile; especially since they can see all of the different results recorded by real people who have used the item themselves.

6. Scarcity & exclusivity (limited time offers)

Scarcity and exclusivity work in a similar way by trying to convince customers. That if they don’t purchase something right now. Then they will miss out on the opportunity either indefinitely or at least for a very long time explains Brian C Jensen. For example, when creating an e-book many people will offer something like ‘limited availability. When talking about their product in order to create the impression. That anyone who doesn’t buy it immediately might not ever get another chance to do so.

Although scarcity has been used for this purpose since ancient times, such as with the ending of Roman gladiator shows; we now try to make things appear scarce even when they are not. This is done through design choices such as using countdown timers and limiting stock numbers that tell visitors. That they need to act now in order to get something before it is taken away.


User conversion is all about making any experience that your potential customers have with you. As simple and easy as possible in order to ensure that they do not become frustrated and leave. Before finishing what it is that they were looking for.

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